About - Ferdie Morales Photography

Ferdie Morales is a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in San Diego, California. 

He has a natural style of creating images that is conveyed with a photojournalistic approach. He loves to capture unscripted life moments and can call for directing a subject's pose naturally. He anticipates for the perfect timing to document fleeting moments that will last a lifetime.

Ferdie works along side a small team of passionate photographers who shares the same love for what they do. It's all about the chemistry and relationship he builds with clients and team as well. One of his ultimate photography goal is to create and tell the stories of lovers around the globe.

When he is not attached to his camera or in post-production mode, you may find him surfing at his favorite surf spots with his beach tribe or practicing the ukulele. He also enjoys cooking and eating flavorful dishes and grilling with family and friends.  Some of his favorite food shows are, America's Test Kitchen, The Mind of a Chef and anything with Anthony Bourdain.

But most of all, he dedicates himself to be the best he can be as a husband and best friend to his loving wife, Al and be a good father to his son, Ikaika.

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